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How to Make International SEO Work For Your Business?

In order to make international SEO work, you need to make sure you have the right keywords in place. Use tools like Ubersuggest to help you with keyword research. Don’t forget that international SEO is not just about generating traffic; you also need to convert those visitors into customers. Here are some of the tips to help you make international SEO work for your business. Read on to learn more! – Create culturally appropriate content and use Alexa to gain international competitive intelligence

How to Make International SEO Work For Your Business

Understanding cultural differences

International SEO requires careful consideration of cultural differences. People from different countries have vastly different attitudes and search habits. The way they browse the internet, the content they read, and the platforms they use are all affected by these differences. That is why incorporating these cultural differences into your marketing strategy is important. According to the renowned psychologist, Hofstede, culture is the collective programming of the mind. For example, Canadians value hockey over football and baseball, while Americans prefer baseball over football.

Creating content that is culturally appropriate

Creating content that is culturally appropriate for international SEO is essential for international websites. There are several ways to target specific languages and regions. The first and most obvious approach is to make everything on your website in the target language. This will ensure that your content retains its cultural appropriateness. For example, you should never feature content in English on an Arabic-language website. Likewise, you should avoid using the same language and culture across multiple languages.

Monitoring results

Regardless of the complexity of your website, monitoring its performance is vital to the success of your international SEO strategy. International SEO requires constant monitoring of multiple channels to ensure the most effective performance of your website. In order to measure success, you should monitor the SEO performance of each country portal. To do so, you should use an international SEO monitoring tool. This tool can track important metrics such as traffic volume, click-through-rates, and conversion rate for your website.

To measure the success of your international SEO strategy, use various tools available on the market. Search Console and Google Analytics are both excellent sources of basic data, but other SEO factors require special tools. During SEO monitoring, you should pay special attention to the number of indexed pages, the performance of your website, and the backlinks generated. Check for possible errors such as hreflang implementation and redirects. Using a professional tool will help you monitor each aspect of international SEO and prevent a slow death in the SEO process.

Using Alexa to gain international competitive intelligence

You can use Alexa to gain international competitive intelligence by running a Site Comparison of your top 10 competitors. By changing the country you view Alexa data, you can determine which of your competitors are getting traffic from your target markets. If they are, you may want to consider expanding your international competitive intelligence efforts. This way, you can better understand your competitors’ traffic sources and increase your chances of success. But before you begin using Alexa to gather international competitive intelligence, here are some tips.

For starters, don’t forget about global reach. Alexa’s popularity is increasing rapidly. The number of customers using third-party skills has increased 150% year over year, with billions of interactions. In addition to using Alexa for voice searches, you can also use Alexa for business to set up a daily schedule, calendar, and schedule. By leveraging the power of voice to get competitive intelligence, you can also make your customers more loyal, which can help you increase sales.

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