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8 WordPress SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid

Want to make sure your WordPress site isn’t making any SEO mistakes?

We’re delighted you’ve come to find out what the most common WordPress SEO blunders are so you can prevent them. SEO is critical to the success of your website!

Despite the fact that WordPress is SEO friendly, there are still several frequent blunders that can be done. We’ll go over the most common ones in this article so you can stay away from them.
Here are a few SEO mistakes you won’t make now you’re aware of them!

8 WordPress SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid​

1. Not utilising a Fantastic SEO plugin

The first major SEO mistake you can make with WordPress is failing to use one of the top SEO plugins available. They make WordPress optimization SO much easy!

All in One SEO is the SEO plugin we recommend.

The greatest WordPress SEO plugin and toolkit is AIOSEO All in One SEO. With its clever features that help you optimise every page, post, product, and more, it makes developing an SEO-friendly WordPress site lot easier and more easy.

It’s far more difficult to make WordPress SEO mistakes with AIOSEO!

This plugin helps with:

  • On-page SEO
  • Rich snippets schema
  • Local SEO
  • Internal link building
  • WooCommerce SEO
  • XML sitemaps

2. Not Setting the Correct Time Zone

Setting the time zone for your website is more important than you might imagine! 
Many WordPress site owners schedule posts in advance, although if your time zone varies from the one you’re in, your publication schedule will be off.

Go to Settings » General to see what time zone your site is in. To find the timezone, date format, and time format, scroll down.

3. Forget to Configure Google Search Console

Google Search Console can provide you with a wealth of SEO analytics and information. It’s not a tool you should disregard! It’s critical for the SEO of your WordPress site.

When you link Google Search Console to your WordPress site, you’ll gain access to information such as:

  • Which queries (keywords) your website is ranking for and getting clicks for
  • Which of your pages are showing in search results and getting clicks
  • If any structured data you have is working
  • Average search results position / rankings for keywords and pages
  • If there are any speed issues hampering your SEO

4. Overuse of Keywords

You’ve probably heard how important it is to employ the proper keywords across all of your material, but did you realise that you may overuse them?

For example, when employing SEO best practises to optimise a blog article, you include keywords in the title, URL, headings, page text, picture alt text, meta title, and meta description. That’s a lot of places to visit.

5. Ignoring the Sitemap

A sitemap is a list of all the links on your website that search engine spiders can crawl. It’s a useful tool for allowing bots to see and index your complete website. If you don’t have one, elements of your site may be overlooked, causing SEO issues.

We propose AIOSEO’s Smart XML Sitemaps function for a quick and easy approach to construct a sitemap.

6. Not Using Nice Permalinks

In a nutshell, permalinks are the URLs for your posts and pages. It’s critical to have your WordPress site’s permalinks settings set appropriately because optimised URLs are an SEO indicator.

So, while you’re employing your keyword or phrase, don’t utilise it too much. It’s possible that you’re keyword stuffing if you keep repeating the same word or phrase. Keyword stuffing can lead to a Google penalty, which is a major SEO killer.

Just be cautious in this area. If you already have a live site that Google has scanned, altering your permalink settings could result in a slew of broken links.

However, go to Settings » Permalinks in your WordPress admin to view permalink settings. There are choices for optimised permalinks there. In most circumstances, using the Post name option is the most optimised alternative.

7. Ignoring Internal Links

One of the most significant aspects of SEO optimization is the use of internal links. They not only enable logical navigation for your website’s users, but they also assist search engine bots in crawling and indexing your site, similar to sitemaps.

So, if you’re generating new material for your website, consider including links to other pages or posts in your content.

Thanks to their Link Assistant feature, AIOSEO can assist you with another another SEO best practise! You can use the tool to easily find places to build links and create those links with a single click  Not only do you get access to a full links report, but you can also use it to find places to build links and create those links with a single click.

8. Ignoring Website Speed

Your SEO efforts can be compromised by a slow website. SEO is a collection of methods and tactics that you employ to increase the amount of visitors to your website and increase the percentage of that traffic that converts.

That’s our list of the biggest WordPress SEO mistakes that everyone is ignoring. We hope you learned something here and now you know how to avoid these mistakes and set your website up for SEO success. But if you need experts to take care of your SEO need, you can contact Rank Agentive professional Digital Marketing – SEO team anytime!

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