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8 Major SEO Trends To Follow In 2022

SEO will be more crucial than ever in 2022. Google’s search engine has improved its ability to recognise high-quality information and what its visitors genuinely want. As SEO rankings become more competitive, it’s more crucial than ever for businesses to provide content that’s both high-quality and relevant to customers. Let’s take a look at 8 SEO trends that will have a bigger impact on businesses in the future year as you design your SEO strategy.

8 Major SEO Trends To Follow In 2022

1. SEO’s New AI Trends

As new technology advances at a quick pace, AI will have a far greater impact in 2022. AI’s promise has already been recognised by companies like Microsoft and Google. In SEO, AI systems like Google’s Bert will become more important. According to Google, “Bert will affect one out of every ten search requests.” In SEO, AI provides more opportunities for effectiveness and efficiency. AI can process SEO far faster and more consistently than humans thanks to machine learning and language processing. To scale their operations and keep up with competition, marketers will need to invest in and use AI SEO. The good news is that as AI becomes more widely used, prices are expected to reduce, whether you invest in-house or employ an AI agency.

2. SEO with a Goal

As Google uses Bert to modify meta title tags, intent-related keywords will become more important. Google is concentrating its efforts on determining the purpose of users’ searches.

To boost their ranking, smart businesses combine journalist-written content with AI-intelligence augmentation. When it comes to user searches and Google rankings, PR firms should follow suit and go deeper to create an intent-based content plan with intent keywords. Google is more inclined to favour keywords that focus on the delicate complexity and context of users’ meaning.

3. Google EAT

Public relations firms should create high-quality material that adheres to Google’s EAT standards. To achieve high ranks, you must have expertise, authority, and credibility. More relevant information, according to Google, will result in higher results. To increase their SEO, businesses should follow Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines. Author names, profiles, and contact information are helpful in improving page rankings.

A excellent reputation combined with proof of expertise will be highly regarded. While a reputation for spreading false information will land you at the bottom of the list. Authentically connecting with your audience and social media profiles will help improve your ratings. To achieve higher ranks, SEO content and online PR content will need to have a higher level of EAT.

4. Optimising video content for SEO

A well-thought-out SEO strategy must contain video material that is optimised. Whether they’re embedded in your website or shared on platforms, videos are becoming increasingly vital for influencing customers. Users prefer video searches, and smart businesses are capitalising on this trend by producing more video content. This allows them to reach a wider audience, communicate with customers more effectively, and drive more traffic their way.

Consumers tend to spend more time on pages with videos, causing search engines to consider them to be of better value and hence rank them higher. Multimedia sites are also regarded as more useful and valuable by search engines. In addition, videos generate backlinks, which aid in ranking. Subtitles should be added to videos for improved accessibility and a higher ranking. Video optimization is becoming one of the most essential types of SEO optimization, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022.

5. Voice search SEO

In 2022, voice searches will become a more popular trend among customers. Consumers have been encouraged to connect orally with their devices by virtual assistants such as Alexa and Siri. A new set of SEO protocols is used for voice searches.

In 2022, businesses will need to optimise for voice searches. Voice search favours FAQ sites, so make sure yours are optimised. Higher rankings can be gained by asking and answering questions in a clear and straightforward manner.

6. SEO and localised content

Consumers are increasingly looking for material that is specific to their location, and this trend is expected to continue in 2022. According to early indications, Google will prefer local content. Indeed, content with a local focus is already outperforming content with a global focus. This pattern is likely to persist. Create customised content and specialised pages for increased accessibility, such as SEO service UK. Keeping your localised information current will help you rank higher.

7. Images that are genuine for SEO

To pique consumers’ interest in 2022, SEO pictures and visual content must be unique. Stock photos aren’t as popular as they once were. Original imagery is becoming increasingly popular among both customers and Google. Consumers are tired of seeing outdated, repeated stock photos and staged photos and will immediately click away. Instead of boring, recycled content, they want to see fresh lifestyle photographs. Consumers prefer genuine and authentic than contrived. The images should also be related to the subject. Customers will be enticed by unique, original photographs, which will encourage them to stay on your website longer and read the rest of your material, boosting your SEO rating. To improve accessibility, make sure all images have ALT tags.

8. Mobile Friendly SEO

Websites will need to be significantly more mobile friendly in 2022. Consumers are increasingly using their mobile phones to conduct web searches. In 2021, smartphone searches made for 60% of all searches, according to Statista. Because Google ranks websites based on how mobile-friendly they are, it is critical that your SEO is mobile-friendly. In the future, mobile page experiences are expected to become even more advanced. “The entire mobile experience, from the discovery element all the way down to how easily consumers can interact, engage, and utilise will come together much as the content experience has over the previous several years,” says Jori Ford, Chief Marketing Officer of FoodBoss. Google provides a simple tool for determining how mobile-friendly your website is.

As new AI technology is developed and used, Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. Consumer habits evolve and become more sophisticated. Companies must remain watchful and up-to-date with new trends in order to maintain their top rankings. In 2022, these Rank Agentive 8 ultimate SEO trends will assist your organisation in maintaining and even improving its ranking.

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